In order to utilize Preffector web server services a user must be a register user.

In order to view and/or submit protein sequences user must be first registered. To register, click on the link Register from the main menu.

As was mentioned in the registration section, a use must register and then login to view and/or submit new jobs. To login into the system, simply click on the Login link from the main menu.

Viewing/Interpreting results
To view the results of the submitted jobs, simply click on the Results link from the main menu. In the results section user will see several useful resources. For ease of use and viewing, several fields are made available including: status,result, and probability. When a user submits a task to the Preffector web server the user's request enters into the pending queue. This allows the Preffector web service to process the sequences most efficiently without putting additional burden on the computational server(s). While a task is in the pending queue, the keyword “inqueue" will displayed under the Status column. The Result and the Probability fields are left blank until effector predictions are complete.
To make viewing easy by quickly glancing at the results, each sequence is color coded under the Result field based on the model (default or optimized) chosen by the user. Sequences predicted as effectors are in color green and sequences predicted as non-effectors are in color red.
Under the Probability column we show the probability score for its respective sequence. Probability score can be interpreted as the probability the model predicts a sequence as an effector.

**note: Depending on the the workload of the server, status will show inqueue/running until the task is complete. This computation time will vary depending on the number of jobs scheudled to be processed and size of the gene.

Job Submission
Once user is logged into the Preffector system, they can submit their sequences by simply copy & paste directly onto the page or upload a file in the fasta format.

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